A Workplace Designed To Dream

Melissa Marin, Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Ali Grader, Employee Success Partner

When Melissa Marin graduated from college, she had already experienced six months as an intern at First Internet Bank and knew where she wanted to start her career. There were other options to weigh, but she had grown so fond of the workplace culture and people at First Internet Bank that her decision was an easy one. As a selfstarter, Melissa appreciated the ability to explore new areas within the bank. After her internship in internal audit, she accepted a full-time position in finance and decided to further her horizons by accepting a position that had opened in the compliance department one year later. “I’ve always liked new challenges and to grow as a person, and First Internet Bank has given me the chance to do just that,” said Melissa. “One of the things I love most about this company is that I’m not told exactly how to solve a problem, but instead, I’m given the tools that I need to figure the solution out on my own. And that is so empowering!”

If asked to create her ideal job, Ali Grader would say she’s already found it, thank you very much. Her love for people is unmistakable, so it should come as little surprise that her days are filled dreaming up ways to further develop the culture at First Internet Bank in the human resources department. “I started out as an intern in HR and fell in love with the company immediately,” said Ali. “So when I was offered a full-time position, I jumped at the chance.” Ali relishes the collaborative environment at the bank that allows her to interact with other like-minded people as she helps plan and implement employee engagement opportunities. She also appreciates the transparency in which First Internet Bank operates. “We have regular companywide meetings in which we openly discuss strategic initiatives, new clients and fresh ideas,” said Ali. “And our open-door policy helps encourage everyone to feel welcome to ask questions of others, regardless of their positions.”

“I’ve always liked new challenges and to grow as a person, and First Internet Bank has given me the chance to do just that”

While First Internet Bank helps facilitate the entrepreneurial spirit of our customers, we work just as diligently to encourage that mindset in our employees. Melissa and Ali are but two of the hundreds of amazing people collaborating every day at our bank. Hiring and developing extraordinary talent keeps our business humming, as innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking provide the sparks that energize our unconventional approach to banking. By giving our employees space to dream, we ensure an evolving, solutions-rich environment that will help us maintain our leadership position in the market. And that keeps our customers coming back. | Investor Relations


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