a new look at the world


The experience of walking into a home with large, beautiful windows is exhilarating. Panoramic views connect us to our surroundings, abundant natural light lifts our spirits, and the picture we see is expansive and free. As Don Foster, co-owner of Pella Windows & Doors Mountain West, noted, “We aren’t just selling glass windows and doors, we’re giving our customers a new look at the world.”

Several years ago, Don Foster and co-owner Sammy Song sought a new world of their own and acquired the distribution rights to offer Pella products in select cities throughout Arizona, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. “Early on in my career, I told everyone I wanted a business of my own one day,” Song recalled. Today, both owners continue to share that independent, entrepreneurial spirit and an appreciation of having the ability to grow—with a bank that shares their vision.

“We established a set of challenging criteria to win the business, and First Internet Bank found a way to make it happen.”

As a pioneer in the branchless banking model, First Internet Bank treasures relationships with like-minded business leaders willing to think beyond the conventional. That very mindset is what drew Pella Windows & Doors Mountain West to First Internet Bank. “We established a set of challenging criteria to win the business, and they found a way to make it happen,” said Song. “They helped us remove some of the restrictive financial chains that other institutions simply couldn’t.” First Internet Bank is proud to help customers like Don and Sammy realize financial freedom and to provide them the ability to see the sky…just like the products they offer.